Creep Feeder 2 - Horse & Cattle Creep Feeder
Mr. Kiss Kiss Quarter Horse

Mr. Kiss Kiss Head Shot

Mister Kiss Kiss

Shannon using our DRT Enterprises' Creep Feeder II

Creep Feeder II in use!

Creep Feeder II is Made in the USA!

Creep Feeder II

Creep Feeder for Horses & Cattle

Top View

All New Creep Feeding System

$59.00 ea.

Creep Feeder II is an all new way to creep feed foals and calves. Made of high density plastic and stainless steel hardware it is made to withstand the mother's abuse. An adjustable sliding top lets the Creep Feeder II be adjusted as the baby grows. A removable bottom makes for easy cleaning and removal of uneaten feed.

The Creep Feeder II is also available in a mini size for miniature horses.

Feed Saver

Feed Saver for Horses & Cattle

Top View

All New Feed Saver System

$54.00 ea.

Feed saver is a new approach too the problems horses having with their eating habits. The horses that sling feed out of feeders do so from the sides, not the front or back. Feed saver has the removable bottom for easy cleaning.


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